The Quest for Speed

Time Trials is the sport where speed, creativity, and pushing limits take the spotlight. Class rules and spec classes are not the focus—this is your personal journey to building your car the way you want and pushing it to the limit on track.

What is the primary difference between Time Trials and spec racing (road racing)? Time Trials is about you and the clock. You don’t need to stay on track for our entire session. You don’t need to be the first to cross the finish line. You need to have one lap that is faster than your competitors.

Speaking of competitors, we like to think of them more as family. We’re a community of track enthusiasts who know the real race is cheering each other on. It’s not just about winning; it’s about seeing greatness happen right before your eyes. We are friends first, on and off the track.

From the track stars to the flag wavers, and families to friends, we’re all here for one thing—#funwithcars. It’s not just racing; it’s a bunch of people who love cars having a blast together.

Time Trials is perfect for you if:
1. You have a daily driver that you want to push in a safe environment
2. You have a fully built racecar but don’t want to do wheel-to-wheel racing
3. You want a fun and supportive environment to grow as a driver
4. You are competitive, but still prioritize fun

We look forward to seeing you on track with us! Check out our Facebook page for commonly asked questions. Register for upcoming events here.

Use code FIRSTTIMETT for 25% off your first Time Trials event with us.


For more information, email Ben Martin at and Alice Stern at For help with classing, reach out to Trey Tyler at