Recognizing Excellence

Regional and Divisional Traveling Awards and Major Year End Awards

Awards are presented annually at the year end banquet. Depending on the award, recipients are selected either by the Colorado Region Board or Rocky Mountain Division Board. Both boards welcome your input and suggestions for future recipients! Please email comments to your board members.

Extreme Sports Bike

Colorado Region Awards

Sid Langsam Award

Outstanding Contribution to Racing in Colorado
Sid Langsam was the owner of Continental Divide Raceway (CDR) in the 1960’s and 70’s. CDR was located in Castle Rock and included a 2.8-mile road course. You may be interested to know that it hosted some great names in racing: Carol Shelby and Mario Andretti raced there with the USAC Road Racing Championships. In 1968 a race called The Rocky Mountain 150 was held there, attracting Mark Donahue, Dan Gurney, and Peter Revson. These same legendary racers also competed in the famed SCCA TransAm series at CDR in 1969 and 1970.

1975 Dave Plute
1976 La Junta Businessmen’s Assoc.
1977 Darrell Burtis
1978 Geoff Burney
1979 Not awarded
1980 Not awarded
1981 Ben Cox/Chuck Hyatt
1982 Not awarded
1983 David Crawford
1984 Darrell Burtis
1985 Bill Dickey
1986 Pete McKay
1987 Regan Smolkovich
1988 George Mason
1989 K. David Nokes
1990 The Mayor and City Council of Denver
1991 John Barker
1992 Dick Torpy
1993 John and Susan Clark
1994 Danny Collins
1995 Dick and Gloria Torpy
1996 Harry Matthews
1997 C. C. Myers
1998 John Arnold, Co. Motorsports Council
1999 Dave Plute
2000 Ted Winning
2001 Bob Young
2002 Sean Gould and Sean Sweeney
2003 Brenda Brostrom
2004 Charlie Thompson
2005 Teri Massey
2006 Mark Zarlengo
2007 Arnie Coleman
2008 Karl McColl
2009 Bill Kephart
2010 The Colorado Region Marketing Team: Christine Jerrits, Denise Longwell, & Karl McColl
2011 Gloria Dickerson
2012 Costa Dunias
2013 Glenn Conser & HPR Staff
2014 Jerry Schouten
2015 Guy Ruse
2016 Gray Brumfield
2017 Paul MacLeod
2018 Mike Pettiford
2019 Allan Lasater
2020 (not given)
2021 (not given)
2022 Ed Shuler
2023 David Muramoto

Shirley Burtis Memorial Award

Outstanding Service as a Worker for the Colorado Region
Shirley Burtis loved sports car racing and Colorado Region SCCA. She was a tireless SCCA promoter and enthusiast. Shirley was one of the first women to work Race Control as well as being a reliable corner marshal. Shirley also served on the COR BoD as Assistant RE, and treasurer. This award is given to the member that exemplifies this spirit of giving to the Colorado Region SCCA.

1982 Bob Stehlik
1983 Pete Gilbert
1984 Jeanne Marnoch
1985 Susan Clark
1986 Larry and Peggy Hawley
1987 Ila Wilson
1988 Clay Bean
1989 Brenda Brostrom
1990 Bill Morley
1991 Gloria Torpy
1992 Darrell Burtis
1993 Ron Leonard
1994 Celeste Fritz
1995 Monte and Maria Wilson
1996 Teri Massey, Brenda Daniels and Mark Gundell
1997 Sharon Agun and Noelle Pascal
1998 Nancy Foster and Pam Raitz-Rocho
1999 William Bradley
2000 Stan “The Man” Jochim
2001 Bill Pichardo
2002 Nancy Foster
2003 Rusty Clayton
2004 Kevin Carter
2005 Barbara and Larry Conrad
2006 Grayson Brumfield
2007 Shellee Peterson
2008 Ann Hickey
2009 Ed Shuler
2010 Ed Kajko
2011 William Carter
2012 Kathy Bradley
2013 John Glover
2014 Andy Chick
2015 Rick Cody
2016 Leah Street
2017 Ann Marie Stinehelfer
2018 Jim Stinehelfer
2019 Nikki LaRue
2020 (not given)
2021 Amanda Melanson
2022 Michelle McColl
2023 Monica Shaw

Jim Eichorn Award

Good Sportsmanship in Racing
This award is named after a racer who was notorious for helping out his direct competitors during the weekend so that he could get them out on the track and beat them in his Volkswagen. This award can be traced back to about 1964 when it was awarded to Bud Neumeister. Over the years it has been awarded to such notables as Ron Hunter, Alex Keller, Danny Collins, Jim Christian.

1964 Bud Neumeister
1965 Bud Rhodes
1966 Gordon “Duck” Waddle
1967 Harvey Staab
1968 Bob Marshall
1969 Bill Randle
1970 Jim Warren
1971 Ron Hunter
1972 June Clark
1973 David Pearson
1974 Ted Clark
1975 Alex Keller
1976 Danny Collins
1977 Harvey Frank
1978 1978 Race Workers
1979 Phil J. Shuey
1980 Chuck Hyatt
1981 Jeanne Marnoch
1982 Bill McCammon
1983 Tom Birkness
1984 Jim Christian
1985 Steve Depoyster
1986 E. B. Liddle
1987 Grayson Brumfield
1988 Bob Urich
1989 Ron Doyle
1990 Hank and Marilyn Morgan
1991 Ray LaRue
1992 Dale Buckley
1993 Nancy Foster
1994 Kathy Michalski
1995 Greg Ramsay
1996 Jim Nelson
1997 Bob “Papa” Rocho
1998 Mark Zarlengo
1999 Jerry Lee Oleson
2000 Shannon Sweeney
2001 Jeff Winter
2002 Bill Bradford
2003 J. D. McDermott
2004 Steve Ott
2005 Kevin Carter
2006 Don Shaw
2007 Dave Ott
2008 Pat Holmes
2009 Grant Barclay
2010 Mark Franklin
2011 Denise Longwell
2012 Ed Renck
2013 Jay Messenger
2014 Jon Goodale
2015 David Muramoto
2016 Lynn Fangue
2017 Jerry Oleson
2018 Robert Neumeister
2019 Chris Doyle
2020 (not given)
2021 (not given)
2022 Cecil Morris
2023 Christian Miller

Les Gaylord Award

Family Participation in Racing
This award was originally given to the Gaylord Family in 1992. Racing has historically been a family affair. We all know these members who are at the track with parents, siblings, sons and daughters in tow. It may be a family crewing for a driver or a family full of volunteers.

1992 Les Gaylord family
1993 Bob, Michelle, John and Justin Taylor
1994 Bob and Ila Wilson and family
1995 Janean, Jackie, Christi and Dave “Animal” Ruegsegger family
1996 Bubba, Pammy and Bob “Papa” Rocho
1997 Jim and Annie Christian
1998 Rich, Scott, Debbie and Nancy Ludvik
1999 David, Jason and Steven Ott
2000 Skip, Sean and Shannon Sweeney
2001 Ray, Mary, Nikki and Michelle LaRue
2002 Fred and Rick Snyder
2003 William and Kathy Bradley
2004 Annie, John and Jay Bonvouloir
2005 Pat and Jonathan McGrew
2006 Karl and Michelle McColl
2007 Steve and Fran Rogers, Frank and Kim Penrose
2008 Matt, Mary, and Laurel Leichester
2009 The Latham Family
2010 The Mark Miller Family
2011 The Boileau Family
2012 Tom and Sonja Starkweather
2013 The Letterly Family
2014 The Doyle Family (Ron and Chris Doyle)
2015 The Wogrin Family
2016 The Mortimer Family
2017 The Dykstra Family
2018 The Al Maybury Family
2019 The Geoff Kaeser Family
2020 -not awarded-
2021 Emergency Services Crew
2022 Ed & Ansley Shuler
2023 The Knight Family

Alex Keller Award

Long Standing Contributions to Colorado Region
Alex Keller was born in Vienna, Austria and moved with his family to Colorado in 1940 to escape the wrath of Nazi supporters. He was a naturalized citizen and served in the US Army. His influence was notable for bringing the SCCA National office to the Denver area and he served as a long time head steward at events across the country and internationally. He was well respected in all SCCA circles, he loved sports cars and sports car racing and enjoyed officiating and social events. He gave of his time to the club as a volunteer and as an attorney. The award was started in his honor in 1996. It is a service award, meant for an individual who donates their time for the club.

1996 Bob and Ila Wilson
1997 Darrell Burtis
1998 John Barker
1999 Grayson Brumfield
2000 Danny Collins
2001 Jim Christian
2002 Les Gaylord
2003 Costa Dunias
2004 K. David Nokes
2005 Danny Collins
2006 (not given)
2007 Mark Zarlengo and Teri Massey
2008 Nancy Foster
2009 Jerry Oleson
2010 Guy Ruse
2011 George Fairer
2012 Bill Kephart
2013 Ann Christian
2014 Michelle and Karl McColl
2015 Ann Marie Stinehelfer
2016 Kathy Bradley
2017 Jim Christian
2018 Michelle McColl
2019 Phil Shuey
2020 (not given)
2021 (not given)
2022 Teri Massey
2023 Rupert Berrington

William Bradley Award

Ambassador for the Colorado Region
At the request of several RMDiv members, a new Traveling Award was commissioned in 2018. The William Bradley – Ambassador Award will recognize members that act as ambassadors of good will in all areas and specialties for the Colorado Region.

2018 William Bradley
2019 Cecil Morris
2020 -not awarded-
2021 Jay Messenger aka RaceDog
2022 Robert Melanson
2023 Alice Stern

Drive to Excellence Award

Traditionally chosen by Anne Christian
This cast iron wheel is awarded to someone who steps up to take on an assignment or project that is over and above the normal structured volunteering. The wheel was donated by Annie and Jim Christian and was first awarded to Bob Sanders in 1999.

1999 Sandy Sanders
2000 Darren Loher
2001 Melissa Crogle and Charlie Thompson
2002 Papa Bob Rocho, Sr.
2003 Bill Pichardo
2004 Bill Kephart
2005 Ted Winning
2006 Jerry Oleson
2007 Grant Barclay & Tom Hunsinger
2008 Ted Winning
2009 Michelle McColl
2010 Mark Felsen
2011 Amy Hilliard
2012 Jackie Reugsegger
2013 (not given)
2014 Seth Letterly
2015 (not given)
2016 (not given)
2017 (not given)
2018 (not given)
2019 (not given)
2020 (not given)
2021 (not given)

Ron Hunter Award

Rookie of the Year
This award was first presented in 1987, the year Ron Hunter passed away suddenly at Pueblo. Ron loved putting the “FUN” in racing and he liked showing others how to join our great sport and have fun doing it! When people talk about Ron, it is always with a smile or a laugh!

1987 Kevin Baily
1988 Curtis Dendy
1989 Luis Rivera
1990 Doug Dendy
1991 Stacey Kuntz
1992 Lana Dolan
1993 Peter Frank
1994 J. R. Osborn
1995 Rick Schmidt
1996 Geoff Weiner
1997 Melanie Hernoud
1998 Kasey Kielhorn and Jackie Ruegsegger
1999 Steven Ott
2000 Jeff Groff
2001 Damon Anderson
2002 Paul Zmudsky and Brian Vinson
2003 Dieter Hirsch
2004 Kevin Youngers
2005 Charlie Sander
2006 Zach Craigo
2007 Jake Latham
2008 Paul Leonard
2009 Scott Anderson
2010 Tommy and Bobby Boileau
2011 James Stiehr
2012 Anthony Simmers
2013 Joe Shannonhouse
2014 Todd Peterson
2015 Andy Melvin
2016 Flinn Lazier
2017 Rayce Dykstra
2018 Max Kaeser
2019 Ian Sullivan
2020 (not given)
2021 Shane Kennett
2022 Stiles Adamson
2023 Sean Knight

High Plains Raceway Award

Outstanding contribution to HPR

2008 Bill Kephart, Charlie Thompson and Mark Zarlengo
2009 Ted Winning
2010 Glenn Conser
2011 The Raceway Cafe
2012 – discontinued –

Rocky Mountain Division Awards

National Driver of the Year

2001 Jeff Winter
2002 Kyle Watkins
2003 Mike Pettiford
2004 Jim Leithauser
2005 Kim Knapp
2006 Mark Mercer
2007 J.R. Osborne
2008 (not given)
2009 Bob Boileau
2010 Tommy Boileau
2011 Jake Latham
2012 (not given)
2013 (not given)
2014 (not given)
2015 Bob Schader
2016 Derek Kulach
2017 Mike Pettiford
2018 Rayce Dykstra
2019 (not given)
2020 (not given)
2021 Jason Ott
2022 Jason Ott
2023 Steve Ott

Regional Driver of the Year

2001 Jason Ott
2002 Damon Anderson
2003 John Copple
2004 Bill Tolley
2005 (not awarded)
2006 (not awarded)
2007 Christine Jerritts
2008 (not awarded)
2009 David Loken
2010 Patrick Frank
2011 Matt Wolfe
2012 (not awarded)
2013 (not awarded)
2014 (not awarded)
2015 (not awarded)
2016 (not awarded)
2017 (not awarded)
2018 (not awarded)
2019 (not awarded)
2020 (not awarded)
2021 Shane Kennett
2023 (not awarded)

Most Improved Driver

2001 Nikki LaRue and Tony Rivera
2002 Greg Reinacker
2003 (not given)
2004 (not given)
2005 (not given)
2006 (not given)
2007 Chris Sarian
2008 (not given)
2009 Christine Jerritts
2010 (not given)
2011 (not given)
2012 (not given)
2013 (not given)
2014 – discontinued –

Divisional Worker of the Year

2001 Darrell Burtis
2002 Ruegsegger family – Dave, Janean, Jackie and Christie
2003 (not awarded)
2004 (not awarded)
2005 Multiple Winners:
Rusty Clayton – national winner, Reg.
William Bradley – natonal winner C. M.
Nancy Foster – national winner S. C.
Bob Maples – national winner Tech
2006 (not awarded)
2007 Gloria Dickerson
2008 (not awarded)
2009 Teri Massey
2010 Annie Bonvouloir
2011 Larry Haynes
2012 Ed Shuler
2013 Christie Hopkins
2014 (not awarded)
2015 (not awarded)
2016 (not awarded)
2017 (not awarded)
2018 (not awarded)
2019 (not awarded)
2020 (not awarded)
2021 (not awarded)
2022 (not awarded)
2-23 (not awarded)


2001 Jason Ott and Kevin Lutz
2002 Jeff Winter
2003 Bob Boileau
2004 Kyle Watkins
2005 Jonathan Goodale/Tony Rivera
2006 Denise Longwell
2007 Christine Jerritts
2008 Tom Abbott
2009 Tommy Boileau
2010 Doug Stout
2011 Brandon Tolley
2012 (not awarded)
2013 (not awarded)
2014 (not awarded)
2015 Andy Melvin
2016 (not awarded)
2017 (not awarded)
2018 Nick ‘bunker buster’ Boley
2019 Monique Miller
2020 (not awarded)
2021 Shane Kennett
2022 Andrew Hill
2023 (not awarded)