Race Chairman

What an exciting year for Colorado Region Club Racing! We have a track again, and its in our own backyard. We also have some work to do, with many race event weekends to pull off at HPR in 2011. But our goal isn't to just "pull it off"... we want to give our racers, volunteers, and spectators smooth, efficient, safe, and FUN events! Thats where the race chairman comes in. Each event chair establishes the tone for the entire weekend. Volunteering as the Race Chairman, puts you in the drivers seat for planning the party and choosing event memorabilia, volunteer incentives, and other give-aways. Planning a race can be fun and easy... Read more in The Colorado Region Race Chair Manual and Event Planning Guide.


Race Steward

The Race Steward (or Steward of the Meeting, "SOM") is responsible for enforcing compliance with the General Competition Rulebook ("GCR") and Supplementary Regulations for the racing event. They act primarily as a judicial entity and are not responsible for the organization or execution of the event. The powers of the SOM include settling disputes among officials or racers, imposing penalties permitted by the GCR, modifiying the supplemental regulations or racing schedule, and amending competition results.


Specialty Chiefs

A race weekend requires Chiefs for everything from Flagging and Communications to Emergency Response to Timing and Scoring. Read more about each specialty here and contact the current specialties chiefs here.


Colorado Region Chiefs of Specialty

Divisional Administrators are appointed each season by the Executive Steward and are responsible for...
  • Timing and Scoring: -TBA-
  • Starters: -TBA-
  • Sound Control: Nancy Foster
  • Radios: Nancy Foster
  • Pit and Grid: Teri Massey
  • Scrutineers: Bob Maples
  • Registration: Ann Marie Stinehelfer
  • Flagging and Comm: Ed Kajko
  • Emergency Services: Kevin Carter
  • Course Marshall: Ed Shuler
  • Hospitality: -TBA-
  • Merchandise: Matt Laine
  • Chief Instructor: Dan Spirek
  • Race Admin: Michelle McColl


More Information

For more detailed information on rules and regulations surrounding racing officials read Chapter 5 of the SCCA General Competition Rulebook (GCR).