Club Time Trials

Want to go faster? The SCCA is now offering Club Time Trials. SCCA Club Time Trials is a bridge program, halfway between PDX and Club Racing. Club Time Trials (CTT) is the best way to be competitive without having to join a race group. Each level of CTT allows for the driver to compete for the fastest lap times, club records and if a championships is being held – prizes and awards.

SCCA Club Time Trials events will generally be run at approved SCCA Club Racing racetracks. Time Trials events may be held in conjunction with the Colorado Region and/or Continental Divide Region road race Regional and Majors Events. The goal is to acclimatize the Club Time Trial participants to the structure and organization of road racing events.

CTT builds on PDX instruction, while allowing drivers to compete. CTT offers drivers a high-speed motorsports competition. CTT Practice may be untimed. CTT drivers are required to have previous experience at a PDX event with approval to compete by the CTT Steward.

CTT Classification

Classification ensures that scoring is fair and balanced across all cars, while at the same time, allowing for the widest variety of cars to join in. You will need to fill out the Official Classification Document. This will be used in conjunction with a dyno sheet that must have been from a dyno performed in the last 12 months. (Note: dyno forms are not needed for cars with fully stock engine and exhaust components).

Track times will be adjusted with the Time Adjustment Formula. Raw times will be adjusted based on modifications to your vehicle. Times for championships and awards will be grouped by drive-train as follows: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), All Wheel Drive (AWD), and Front Wheel Drive (FWD).

Link to RMDiv CTT Official Rules:

Link to RMDiv CTT Registration / Classification Form:

Link to RMDiv CTT Tech Form

Link to Colorado Region SCCA: CTT Driver Info Packet

Dates Description
May 06-07 This event is at La Junta Raceway and will offer both PDX and CTT
Aug 19-20 This event is at High Plains Raceway and will offer PDX and CTT
Sep 02-03 This event is at High Plains Raceway and will offer PDX and CTT
Oct 14-15 This event is at La Junta Raceway and will offer PDX and CTT

Club Time Trials:Paul McLeod

last updated:03/12/17