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Battery Powered Racecars!


The FIA Formula E Championship is designed as an ‘open championship’, inspiring manufacturers and constructors to build their own fully-electric cars, subject to the technical specifications set out by the FIA.

As well as encouraging competition, it is hoped that by making the Championship a multi-make series it will serve as a framework for research and development around the electric vehicle and push the boundaries of the technology that is currently available.

Spark-Renault SRT_01E

The Spark-Renault SRT-01E is the first car to be homologated by the FIA. Using the very latest technology, the zero emission SRT_01E aims to stretch the boundaries of what is currently achievable in electric motorsport, whilst ensuring a balance between cost-effectiveness and sustainability, in addition to coping with the demands of racing entirely on street circuits.

It has been built by new French company Spark Racing Technology, led by the renowned Frédéric Vasseur, together with a consortium of some of the leading companies in motorsport. Italian firm Dallara, who boast more than 40 years’ motorsport experience, have constructed the monocoque chassis, aerodynamically designed to aid overtaking. Made from carbon fibre and aluminium, the chassis is both super lightweight and incredibly strong and fully complies with the 2014 FIA crash tests – the same used to regulate Formula One.

Providing the electric powertrain and electronics is McLaren Electronics Systems, the world leader in high-performance technology for motorsport. Meanwhile, Williams Advanced Engineering, part of the Williams group of companies that includes the world famous Williams F1 Team, will supply the batteries producing 200kw, the equivalent of 270bhp. This will be linked to a paddle shift sequential gearbox, supplied by Hewland, with fixed ratios to help reduce costs further.

Overseeing all the systems integration will be the Championship’s Technical Partner Renault, a leader of electric vehicles and an expert in motorsport thanks to its Renault Sport Technologies and Renault Sport F1 programmes. Specially designed 18” treaded tyres will be supplied by Official Tyre Partner Michelin, capable of providing optimum performance in both wet and dry conditions.