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SCCA RMDiv 2014 Permanent Number Request



Majors Racers, You MUST reserve your car number with the RMDiv pointskeeper if you want to ensure the use of the same number in both Majors and RMDiv Championship races.

SCCA Rocky Mountain Division
2014 Permanent Number Request

  1. Number applications may be mailed regular US mail, e-mailed or hand delivered.
  2. There is no longer a fee to reserve a permanent number.
  3. To hold your number from last year, your request must be postmarked, e-mailed or hand delivered to the Rocky Mountain Division Pointskeeper no later than February 28, 2014
  1. If you are requesting a new number for 2014 you will receive an e-mailor or phone call from the RMDIV Pointskeeper to confirm your permanent number. E-mail is preferred, so please include your e-mail address.

Assignment of Numbers

  1. If you had a number reserved in 2013, you have first dibs on that number assuming you are not changing race groups.
  2. If you bought another person’s car, you DO NOT have first option on that number just because it is on the car.
  3. If you reserved a number last year and did not run at least one race with that number, you do not have first option on that number this year and the number is considered unassigned.
  4. Please check the 2013 list of permanent numbers to know what numbers are potentially taken.
  5. Three(3) digit numbers will only be assigned to drivers who are using the same number on the same car with another club (RMVR, PCA, etc.).
  1. For all RMDIV events, your permanent number will only be held until the official race entry deadline for each event (midnight the Sunday prior to the event). If you register after the deadline you may lose your permanent number for that event.

*Get a printable copy of the reservation request here*

2013 Number Assignments by race group.

Group – Spec

No Class Assigned to
00 T4 Stan Czacki
2 S7 Lee Topping
6 SRF Jim Christian
8 SM Ted Winning
9 SM Peter Naumburg
11 SM Keith Slankard
14 S7 Luke VanDuyn
21 T4 Rick Shively
22 S7 Jeff Wilson
23 SRF Terry Johnson
25 SM Mark Franklin
28 S7 Jerry Wolfe
29 SM Neal Frank
30 S7 Patrick Frank
31 S7 Patrick Frank
39 SM Tom Abbott
41 T4 Michael Pettiford
61 SM A.J. Goldsmith
62 SRF Chris Doyle
65 S7 Hank Derr
69 SM Bill Tolley
70 S7 Jackie Ruegsegger
71 SRF Chris Doyle
84 T4 Lothar Kremer
91 S7 Rob Godby
95 SM Kevin Ellis
99 SM Peter Naumburg

Group – Wings & Things

No Class Assigned to
00 ASR/CSR/ESR Rand Donohoo
01 FB Richard Cottrill
2 FA Mark Felsen
5 FB Jake Latham
6 FE Jim Christian
8 FB Robert Schader
10 FE Henry Donohoo
13 FB Rob Adams
14 DSR Gary Stevens
16 FM Russ Lindemann
19 FC John Brumder
25 S2 Chris Helt
27 FM Gary Homyak
32 DSR/CSR Kirk Kindsfater
33 CSR/ESR/FE/FS Chris Doyle
36 S2 Bruce Gurney
41 S2 Gene Hall
44 FB Brad Smith
49 CSR Tom Ragonetti
67 FB Chris Ash
80 FC TexArnold
90 FM/FE Jon Surbeck
94 DSR Paul Leonard
99 FC Greg Lambert
333 CSR Grant Barclay

Group – Big Bore

No Class Assigned to
00 T3 Derek Kulach
09 T3 Jason Ott
4 T2 Michael Pettiford
5 STL Robert Schader
7 T3/GT3 David Muramoto
11 SP Jeff Winter
17 STO Chris Waterman
20 STU Bob Maples
22 STL Jeff Wilson
26 T3 Dan Spirek
27 STU Denise Longwell
41 T1/STU Michael Pettiford
42 GT3 Jim Stinehelfer
45 STU Anthony Simmers
47 SP Lee Topping
68 STU Mark Foust
71 STL Keith Slankard
74 T3 Jim Leithauser
98 T2 Garth Yettick
99 STU Carol Barclay
199 GT2 Garth Yettick
201 ITE-O Myrna Hall

Group – Small Formula

No Class Assigned to
02 CF Mike Loken
2 CF Seth Letterly
3 CF Lothar Kremer
4 FV Mark Felsen
5 FF Jamie Stiehr
6 FV Phil Holcomb
13 FV Russ Dykstra
18 CF Keith Hall
20 CF Mike Loken
34 CF Thomas Klimas
35 CF Chris Doyle
37 FF Bill Kephart
44 CF Boysen Loesch
45 CF Chris Doyle
47 FV Paul Eric Taylor
54 CF Chris Doyle
56 CF Allen Letterly
61 FV Matt Guzowski
66 FV Bob Melvin
86 CF Jared Letterly
87 FF Bill Kephart
97 FV Steve Rogers

Group – Small Bore

No Class Assigned to
05 FP Brent Louzon
08 FP Bill Hinston
5 FP Rafer Chambers
9 HP Anthony Wilson
11 FP Tom Ragonetti
13 FP/EP Inness Eisele
15 ITB Brent Louzon
22 EP Jeff Wilson
23 FP Bob Stream
31 HP Roger Longstreet
32 FP Neal Frank
35 FP Richard Fischer
36 FP Bruce Gurney
38 EP John Longwell
39 ITA Tom Abbott
44 FP Peter Ragonetti
47 FP Michael Jaeger
49 EP Bill Lamkin
53 EP/ITS Guy Ruse
55 EP Tom Ragonetti
71 EP Dave Ruegsegger
87 EP Woody Adams
88 FP Paul Jensen
90 FP Robert Cancellieri
92 ITB Marcus Hall
138 FP Denise Longwell