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[p.10] Exclusive: Ford of Europe won right to design American products in poker game

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Exclusive: Ford of Europe won right to design American products in poker game


2013 Ford Escape: Could have been a much different vehicle, but for a busted straight flush

Autoblopnik has uncovered a secret internal company memo revealing that the reason for Ford’s design and engineering shift to Europe, widely publicized as a move to reduce costs and raise corporate average fuel economy, was actually the result of a lost poker game.

According to the memo and details pieced together by Autoblopnik’s sources, Ford’s President of the Americas Mark Fields was playing Ford of Europe CEO Stephen T. Odell in a late-night hand of seven card stud, “follow the bitch”.

“After several hours of play and a lot of drinking,” said Ford spokesman Brad Shiftikart, speaking on condition of anonymity, “Odell proposed that if he won the last hand, Fields would source all of his compact and mid-size vehicles from Ford of Europe, and if Fields won, Dearborn could replace the European-market Ka, Fiesta, Mondeo, and Kuga with the F-series pickup truck. Fields was working on a straight flush, but couldn’t put it together. Odell’s two wild cards gave him a ... continue reading this exclusive report

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