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SCCA draws crowd at Lincoln Tech


The SCCA was invited to set up a booth at a recent Lincoln Tech Career Day. Lincoln Tech offers courses in Automotive Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, HVAC, and Auto-body repair and painting. Jim Leithauser brought 2 cars from his recent trip to the Runoffs, both cars were a hit as almost every student stopped by to talk cars and racing.
Most of the students were unfamiliar with the SCCA and/or High Plains Raceway. Almost all of the students expressed in interest in obtaining further information.

Many thanks to Jim Leithauser for bringing the cars, Big tip of the hat to Ed Kajko, John Glover, Jim Leithauser and Ed Shuler for manning the booth and talking up the Colorado Region SCCA.

Approximately 144 potential new member contacts were collected.

We are working on putting together a weekend field trip for the students next year at one of our HPR Events.

It was a fantastic day.