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Free Beer


While I had planed to do an article last month, time just slipped away and Redline was out there. Drat!

I wanted to thank all the workers and entrants at the BFG Super Tour (The Freedom Sprints) for a spectacular event. It is not often that you have so many workers you can breathe easy about manning corners, pit & grid, tech, etc. Car count was, once again, higher than the year before and all of this with some of the highest temperatures experienced at High Plains.

Now, my question.

How can the Region make it better (primarily for the workers). Michelle McColl, Ed Shuler and I racked our brains to come up with perks for the workers for that weekend and don’t really know if that played an effect on your attendance. I, myself, figured the abundant supply of cold beer was the staple food group of any good worker. The Board would love to hear comments from all of you that spend your free weekends out there working for the drivers. Is it good car counts and racing in all the groups? The schedule that allows you a little time between sessions and a longer lunch? The food that is supplied (both at lunch and the evening diner)? Giveaways at the party? Beer?
Send me an email or pick up the phone. 303-808-4602

Many things have changed over the last five years that have had an effect on car count. We know that the ability to get track time without the commitment of prepping a race car is cheaper and easier. Show up on a Friday with $90 bucks for a half day and you get, let’s say, an hour and a half of track time. No registration, no license, no safety equipment, no rules (to speak of). This is what we are up against and the Colorado Board is trying very hard to figure out a way to embrace the drivers we have lost or the potential drivers that are out there to be involved with SCCA. While the National Office is doing there part to find the nitch, so are we. And with that said, it’s time for the Drivers to chime in with any idea that may be floating around in your head. Rocky Mountain Division is an anomaly. Over 500 miles to any other track. We have to depend on who lives out here to survive. Comments Please!

If you don’t feel like emailing or calling, come to the Monthly Meeting at Quaker Steak to talk one on one and I’ll buy ya beer to hear your thoughts. Now, that’s a deal!