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Soldiers in White


I just finished watching the Rolex 24; I didn’t see Ed Shuler, did you? Weather wise it looked horrible. Also I didn’t see any corner workers responding to cars and the many fires. I suppose what started with the old safety crews in CART has taken hold in many pro series. Plus, we are seeing it filter down to various forms of amateur racing. Another reason corner workers are leaving SCCA. My friend Dave Hegeman always gets a kick out of watching the safety crews and their point guy in a red suit standing in-line with their red truck telling the drivers to drive around the truck…...DUH. I too chuckle while driving and see this….Oh, I didn’t see the flashing lights and a truck 5 times bigger than my car. I have even seen corner workers come outside the bunkers to point drivers around the incident. Stay in the bunker!!! Just because you see it on TV, doesn’t make it safe.

Arthur Santomango asked me if you needed to be a SCCA member to work the Indy MotoGP. Absolutely not. You can work as a flagger or on a pickup crew and will not be treated better at any other race in the country. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a truly wonderful place and working a race there is the best way to see it. Last year with rumors of GrandAm testing at the Speedway and a subsequent race, I asked of couple of my friends who are high placed employees at the Speedway if it was going to happen. They both said if GrandAm brought their highest ever attendance to the race, the Speedway still couldn’t afford to open the gate. I then asked what that gate number was, but just got a smile. If our SCCA leadership is concerned about why workers are leaving, I would suggest they contact Arthur, who is an intelligent, articulate fellow, who will give his reasons.

H. Leigh Steves commented about my Montreal F1 call last month. He brought up how every other station is English/French. It’s a bit confusing if you’re communicating, but the Head Communicator does a great job. Every day you work a different corner, so in a couple of years you have seen the whole track. The best (only) way to access the track is via the Metro, so find a hotel near a train stop and your transportation problems are solved. I also remember most of cabs are Mercedes. Ask me some time about Wiseman and David K. and I having a beer with Jacques Villeneuve. Time to get your passport.

USF1 is going to have American drivers. Right! Oh, South American. If you have 5 million the job is yours. I can’t imagine some U. S. company wouldn’t put up 5 million to sponsor a U. S. driver in Formula One. Must be more to it. Did I read the Renault team hired a Russian driver who just happened to bring 21 million? Nice to see the Renault car back in its yellow and black colors. And as of today, Campos may be on the ropes. And FIA will install a GPS in each car so the stewards will have more information for penalties. But the GPS is only good up to 3 feet, and racing is a game of inches, no, football is a game of inches, no, baseball is a game of inches, never mind!!

I read in the RMVR newsletter the HPR well has been rehabilitated and the Turn 8 asphalt will be replaced over the winter, plus the track will install a “permanent” tent with sides. While in Colorado a couple of weeks ago visiting the latest addition in the Animal clan (she looks like Janean and Christy, thank goodness), Animal told me C and B will held in conjunction with the Double Drivers School. A quick primer on Saturday morning, then hands on training on a corner the rest of the weekend. We will stress white flags are for SLOW moving vehicles on track, when they stop, the white flag goes down and the yellow flag come up. Then I read today in Clay Turners post that RMD will have C and B on March 20 in Colorado Springs. I’m confused. That shouldn’t surprise you!

While driving across Nebraska, Caleb and I thought it would be a good idea if truck trailers had an electronic message board telling us what was inside. Like 600 cases of toilet paper, 250 HD TV’s, 50 caskets, or 300 illegal’s. Then again.

‘Soldiers in White’ is a monthly opinion column contributed by racer and corner worker Bob Stream. Opinions and views expressed here should not be construed to be those of the SCCA.