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Double Driver’s School + PDX + CTT

2Cool Racing Schools

High Plains Raceway
March 27-28, 2010

Now, SCCA makes it easier than ever to go racing! Aspiring club racers need only two accredited racing schools to earn a Novice Racing Permit and get onto the track; Now, for the first time on the front range, SCCA will offer those two schools back-to-back … in one weekend!

If you’ve always wanted to go racing, don’t miss this unique opportunity. Learn the tricks of the track from the SCCA, the nation’s largest and most respected motorsport enthusiast club.

Rental cars will be available for the school.

Club Time Trials will also be holding events during the school weekend, with an Advanced PDX (Performance Driving Experience) on Saturday and Time Trials competition on Sunday. [no more than 4 total run groups per day, including students].

SCCA 2Cool Racing Schools
March 27-28
High Plains Raceway
Byers, Colorado

For more information on the driving school, instructors and students may contact
Ted Winning
Read school announcement from Dan Spirek, Chief Instructor

For more information on the Club Time Trials and PDX, contact
Grant Barclay