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Concerning races on National Holiday weekends;

Poll ended at Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:45 am

- I prefer races be held on Holiday weekends.
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- I prefer to spend my holidays doing other things (family events etc.)
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- Doesn't matter.
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Ed Shuler
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Voice of the Worker Poll.

Post by Ed Shuler »

Races on National Holidays?
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Shellee Peterson
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Post by Shellee Peterson »

Working some holidays are not an issue for me. However working every holiday including Mothers Day and Fathers day doesn't give me anytime in the summer to take time off to just vacation.
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Post by Cal »

I agree with Shellee. I don't mind some, Memorial day, 4th of July, but I would like to have one non-racing three day weekend for family. I don't think an open big 3 weekend (Memorial day, Independance day, Labor day) is in the cards. If one region gets off of it, another will pick it up. These all have been traditional RMDIV National race weekends and are some of the most well attended events for the host region.
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