The Air-Cooled Sprints Championship Series is back for 2017

The Air Cooled Sprints Championship Series seeks to provide anyone with an air cooled Volkswagen powered formula car a place to race. The series strives to promote the classes with a sprit of friendly competition and camaraderie.

General Rules


The ACSCS will consist of 3 classes of Air-Cooled race cars:

  • FST - Formula First using the current SCCA GCR
  • FV-1200 - FV using the current SCCA GCR
  • FV-1385 - Rules defined by the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racers FV Rules (1972 GCR with RMVR Exceptions)


Tires are unrestricted.


Each of the Scheduled SCCA Quad Regional weekends will host an Air-Cooled Sprint 'Club Racing Experience' (CRE) ACSCS race.

2017 Air-Cooled Sprints Schedule:

Date Host Event Track
May 06-07 SCCA Rnds 1,2,3,4 LaJunta
Jul 08-09 NASA Rnds 5,6,7,8 PMP
Jul 29-30 RMVR Rnds 9,10,11,2 HPR
Aug 19-20 SCCA Rnds 13,14,15,16 HPR
Sep 03-04 SCCA Rnds 17,18,19,20 HPR
Oct 14-15 SCCA Rnds 21,22,23,24 LaJunta
Oct 28-29 RMVR Rnds 25,26,27,28 PPIR

Points will be awarded in each class based on the finishing positions of each race as follows:

  • 1st - 12 points
  • 2nd - 9 points
  • 3rd - 7 points
  • 4th - 6 points
  • 5th - 5 points
  • 6th - 4 points
  • 7th - 3 points
  • 8th - 2 points
  • 9th - 1 point

The rules are designed to be inclusive: if you have a VW powered car, a driver's license, and an SCCA membership, (weekend memberships count!) come and race with us.

There will be prizes, great competition, good friends and fun.


The ACSCS will have 3 principal administrators (1 for each class). They will ultimately be responsible for points, post race award events, dispute resolution, rules enforcement etc.

Ed Shuler - FV-1200 - Board of Directors, Colorado Region Sports Car Club of America

Scott Hannum - Formula First - President, Hannum Autosport LLC, Littleton, CO.

Bonnie and Reah Mortimer - FV-1385 - Representatives , Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing

Clink the link above to view the detailed points chart

PosClassNameCar / TeamPOINTS
1FSTBlake HannumTomahawk / Hannum-01167
2FSTMario JacobellisMurray / Jacobellis-M141.5
3FSTAJ Jacobellis Vector / Jacobellis-AJ36.5
4FSTForest DenhamMurray / Denham20
5FSTWyatt BricachekJacer / Bricachek18
6FSTEd ShulerMurray / Hannum-028
- - - - -
1FV1200MacDougall / ShulerMysterian / Sidewinder109.5
2FV1200Robert NeumeisterVortech / Nuby86
3FV1200Flinn LazierVista / Lazier84.5
4FV1200Chris LeoniPredator / Leoni52
5FV1200Lynn FangueVista / Fangue42
6FV1200Paul Eric TaylorMysterian / Taylor38
7FV1200Willis WoodCaldwell / Wood36
8FV1200Nick PalgraveCaldwell / Palgrave-0131
9FV1200Steve RogersVDF / Rogers18
10FV1200Mark FelsenVortech / Felsen15
11FV1200Connor WogrinCaracal / Wogrin8
- - - - -
1FV1385Mark FelsenZink / Felsen104
2FV1385Jeff MortimerZink / J-Mortimer96.5
3FV1385Reah MortimerZink / R-Mortimer80.5
4FV1385Gary GrayCaldwell / Gray-Penley67
5FV1385Bonnie MortimerZink / B-Mortimer52
6FV1385Rhio MortimerCaldwell / Rhio-Mortimer46
7FV1385Tyler HunterZink / Hunter42
8FV1385Lori Bush-EngleCaldwell / Bush-Engle36
9FV1385Chad WightCaldwell / Wight31
10FV1385Andy GouldZink / Gould28
11FV1385Jared HindmanZink / Hindman25
12FV1385Keith TresederBeach / K_Treseder19
13FV1385Andy MelvinZink / Melvin15
14FV1385Bill FlemingZink / Fleming11
15FV1385Callum PalgraveZink / Palgrave-028
16FV1385Scott PetittCaldwell / Petitt7
17FV1385Jack PenleyZink / Penney7
18FV1385Jim MikkelsenZink / Mikkelsen3
19FV1385Steven MurphyBobsey / Murphy3
20FV1385Ben TresederZink ./ B_Treseder2
21FV1385Len MarionCaldwell / Marion1
22FV1385Hank DerrZink / Derr1

Last Updated 11/01/2016

Q. Must my Vee have an SCCA Logbook?

A. Formula V’s with an SCCA Log Book will be eligible to run in the FV-1200 Class

A. Formula First’s with an SCCA Log Book will be eligible to run in the FST Class

A. Cars with RMVR Log Books will be eligible to run in the FV-1385 class.

Participation is open to any SCCA regular or weekend member. Weekend memberships can be purchased at Registration, during posted hours, for a fee of $15.00.

Q. Do I need an SCCA Competition License?

Licenses listed below will be accepted as equivalent to a SCCA Full Competition License at SCCA Regional events if the license holder is an SCCA member in good standing (weekend memberships available for $15.00).

  • SCCA - Full Competition
  • SCCA - Novice Permit
  • NASA - Full Competition
  • RMR - PCA - Full Competition
  • RMVR - Full Competition

All cars will are eligible for points towards the Air-Cooled Sprints Championship.

Q. Do I need a HANS device to race in the Air-Cooled Sprints?

A. The Club Racing Experience (CRE) participant vehicles need to meet minimal safety requirements. Some safety gear is needed, but Head and Neck restraints are not required and no SCCA license is needed (only a full or weekend membership).

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Entry Fee for the Air-Cooled Sprints is $330.00 per weekend

Q. How many races do I get for $330.00?

A. Saturday – Practice/Qualifying – Race 1, Race 2
Sunday – Practice/Qualifying – Race 3, Race 4

Q. How do I register?

A. The SCCA uses for all of our races.
Add SCCA - Colorado Region to your account Club Memberships and make certain that your transponder number is correct. Registration is completed at the track on Friday evening 6:00-8:00pm or beginning at 7:00am on race day.

Also, the SCCA does not charge your MotorsportReg account until the Monday morning prior to the event so you can register early.

Have additional questions? contact:Ed Shuler

Photos - Courtesy - Andy Melvin